Summer Through Her Eyes

JUNE 4, 2018- AUGUST 31, 2018

With this show we want you to experience the essence of summer: the feeling of a gentle breeze against your warm sun-kissed skin, the sound of the waves in the background and the smell of the salty air. As you move through the rooms in the space, each section encapsulates those feelings in their own unique way. Whether you find yourself at the ocean, a lake, or the James River, go ahead and dip your toe in, the water is fine.

Many thanks to these local Virginia women artists for sharing their works with us and letting us experience this long awaited season through their perspectives. 

We welcome you to view the works on display of the below featured artists.



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Michaeline Sander

Curator, Sander Design & Art Consulting

Based in Richmond, VA - Sander Design & Art Consulting (SDAC) began as an idea while owner, Michaeline Sander was working in New York City. Inspired by the beauty and rich history of Richmond she envisioned this cultural and artistic community as her new home. While keeping ties to NYC, Michaeline still has the opportunity to travel back to the city that inspired and influenced her for nearly 10 years as well as meeting the needs of her new clients in Virginia.


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Sophie Treppendahl

'Legs and Avocados', 2016-2018

Sophie Treppendahl is from Saint Francisville, Louisiana. She received her BA in Painting and Printmaking from College of Charleston in South Carolina. Sophie currently lives and works in Richmond, Virginia where her work is inspired by the landscape and people that surround her. Her paintings investigate nostalgia and enchantment in the ordinary.

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Austin Warner

'Untitled', 2018

Austin Warner is passionate about exploring art through abstraction and representational images. The foundation of Austin’s work comes from the abstraction of organic form, color, line, and texture. Each layer recording a time, an experience, or emotion that manifests in her paintings. Austin creates utilizing a variety of alternative surfaces such as reclaimed or up-cycled wood or furniture, as well as naturally occurring earth elements, flowers and foliage as pigment or dye. She recreates excitement, joy, and curiosity at the sometimes fleeting moments in nature. Austin Warner's home and studio are in Richmond, Virginia.

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Poochie Collins

'Return to Innocence', 2017

Raised in Richmond’s South Side, Poochie Collins is a visual artist with a deep admiration for her multicultural city. Her work highlights everyday life through the lens of community, place and Black identity. She often uses vibrant colors and unique composition to evoke feeling from her subjects.

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Stacey Reece

'Power Suit', 2018

Stacey Reece, a Richmond, VA native, began oil painting over 35 years ago. Originally inspired by vintage family photos, her current body of work is focused on the female figure who is at ease with her inherent glamour and strength, and is in command of her environment. Stacey is an active member of Yellow Door Studio RVA, and enjoys painting and exhibiting as a solo artist and as part of a collaborative group of artists. Her sold work now consists of hundreds of paintings, and is collected by clients throughout the United States. Check out her website

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Jann Edmondson

'Resting Place', 2018

Jann Edmondson is a photographer and artist living in Hanover County, Virginia. Formally trained as an artist, she works across many mediums including acrylic, watercolor, pencil, and mixed-media.  Her artistic focus for the last 8 years has been on photography, particularly macro photography. Jann loves to reveal undiscovered and interesting patterns, colors and worlds through her macro work. Her most recent photography series combines her own original alcohol ink and resin artwork to create images of interesting and colorful underwater worlds.

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Alexandra Marini


'Outlook', 2018

Alexandra Marini is a part time artist and student at VCU working on a Bachelors in Environmental Science. Born and raised in Virginia, Alex uses acrylic paint to bring her imagination to life in her paintings. Her paintings reflect a life long relationship as a swimmer with water as a former synchronized swimmer and certified scuba diver.  She uses her paintings to reflect her experiences. She has oil and watercolor pieces in her portfolio but prefers acrylic due to its fluid nature and ability to be opaque or translucent. Alex hopes to use her paintings to bring awareness to people of our relationship with nature.

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Jessica Smith

'Lost', 2018

Jessica Smith is a painter and mixed media artist from Richmond, VA. As a mostly self-taught artist, she has always had an interest in creating worlds which some of her paintings have been inspired by. At 16 she would become more aware of this ability and use it to create paintings that showed her love of nature and human’s connection to it. She is most comfortable using oil paints and canvas but is not afraid to mix different mediums to better express an emotion. Her works range in subject but push to better understand herself and the world around her.