She’s Abstract

September 2018- January 2019

SDAC is excited to bring you a group exhibition, celebrating the works of local Virginia women artists and their various forms of abstract art. This show comments on the abstraction of women in society while connecting the works of various abstract artists. Abstract works, usually lacking distinct figurative subjects, provide viewers with ample opportunity to explore and define the art in their own minds. Historically, women were viewed with a similar lens, but this no longer works. Women may appear abstract, but can take the reins and explain themselves to the world as they demonstrate how they would like to been seen.

Thank you to the above local Virginia women artists for sharing their works with us and giving us the opportunity to view their pieces through our own perspectives.



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Shaylen Broughton

’Iris’, 2018

Broughton was born and raised in Richmond VA, which is also where she currently works and resides. She obtained her BFA from The Savannah College of Art and Design in 2011. Her artistic ambition, however, began long before college and is also her current livelihood; pulsating in the plethora of artwork on canvas. In addition to exhibiting her work, Broughton works with several nonprofits in Richmond VA, leading community art projects such as large scale interior murals and after school art programs.

Through Abstract expression Broughtons work explores the depths of human awareness. Particularly, she works to convey the relationship between emotional memory and the physical world. Her goal is to create a connection between the invisible and visible worlds. In short, her art is simply the all-encompassing Mother Nature, emerging through her fingertips.

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Dari Calamari

’Portal’, 2018

Dari views her paintings like visual puzzles, as she paints the different parts of the work the puzzle come together. This creates a kind of technical experiment, wanting to bring a vision to life. She wants the viewer to feel like their eyes are answering the questions. Through the use of repetition and movement, color creates a vibration - almost like the work is attempting to convey a message. Dari believes in "happy mistakes" in her work by starting with a set idea that she is trying to convey but allows changes along the way, which alter the original plan. Since she considers her work a technical experimental puzzle, she allows herself room to know that the process in which she creates the pieces is as rewarding as the final artwork. She invites the viewer to figure out the method to the madness or the order behind the chaos in the final works, but there are no rules. Dari enjoys her art to be enjoyed by everyone - so let your eyes do the work and tell you what they see.

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Whitney Knapp

'Transformation’, 2018

Whitney was born in Connecticut, lived in Surrey, England for nearly a decade, and currently resides in Richmond, Virginia. She earned her Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree from Denison University, and her Post Baccalaureate Certificate and her Master of Fine Arts Degree from The Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts. Whitney's work has been exhibited nationally and featured in various publications. Her pieces are in private collections throughout the United States and abroad. She is represented by Matre Gallery (Atlanta), The Photo Dog Art Gallery and Jessie Edwards' Studio (Block Island), Beacon Art Shortwave Gallery (Stone Harbor) and Jeffrey Meier Gallery (Lambertville, NJ). She has taught drawing and painting courses at the high school and college level, and currently teaches at John Tyler Community College. More of her work can be viewed on her website:

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Christina Wing Chow

'‘Figment I’, 2018

Wingchow is a Richmond-based artist whose works inhabit a strange world of floating blobs, swirling colors, and shape shifting creatures. Influenced by nature, energy, magic, and dreams (among infinite other things), her work ranges from playful illustrations to abstract paintings, and most recently, to large scale murals. Expanding into the world of public art in 2017, Wingchow has since painted works in RVA, Helsinki, and the DC edition of international mural festival POW! WOW! Her work was also exhibited this past year in the annual New Waves show at the Virginia Museum of Contemporary Art.

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Angel Graves

’Subtle Atlas’, 2018

Virginia born painter and maker, Angel Graves received a Bachelors of Fine Arts with a focus on art history from Christopher Newport University. After graduating, she became involved with the creative movement in Ghent, Norfolk, where she designed a line of up-cycled, hand stamped and hand dyed clothing. For two years, working with The Farmhouse, an artist collective in Charlottesville, she rediscovered her love for painting, specifically Abstract works. She currently resides in Richmond, Virginia with her bathtub garden and adventure seeking Corgi, Arwyn.