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She's Resilient: Artist Workshop

Come spend the evening creating your own work of art to take home! You will work alongside 1 of 6 of our featured artists from the She's Resilient gallery show in creating a work of art inspired by their various forms of works. We will break into smaller groups and you can learn more about the artist in your group while experimenting with your own art. This show is inspired by art as a tool for mental health and wellness. We hope with this workshop you can take away some ideas of how to connect with your inner artist and use these tools whenever you want or need to! Supplies will be included in your cost for the event.

This event is open to the public and does not have a discount for Broads - get your tix here!

Date: June 26, 6-8pm

Additional information about the current show at The Broad, She's Resilient:
Featured Artists:
Cate West Zahl
Theodora Miller
Meredith Hill
Ashley Bozeman
Kelsey Copeland Lane
Courtney Allison Brown

With this amazing collection of works we wanted to bring the concept of art as a method of healing and growth to the conversation. From using art as a way to recover from an injury, to incorporating it into one’s daily meditation routine, to charting and recording mental wellness through the creation of works - these artists show us the breadth of how art can lead to various ways of tackling life’s challenges and celebrating your successes along the way. Every artist has a story behind their works and with this show we get a closer look into these six women’s inspiration and journey through their art.

Thank you to these local Virginia women artists for sharing their art and giving us the opportunity to learn more about the power and healing behind their works. For more information on each artist and their work please check out Sander Design & Art Consulting.