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Sexual Sharing Healing Circle

Join Purpose and Relationship Coach, Colleen Coles, as she hosts the Sexual Sharing Healing Circle for a judgement-free and lightly facilitated group conversation around our real experiences as womxn with sexuality. This circle is free and open to the public but RSVP is required to!

  • Are you a womxn who feels stuck, lost, or unclear around your sexuality, even though you want it to be great?  

  • Do you not know how to find clarity around this prevalent life area because of your past experiences conflicting with what you learned sex should be?

  • Are you desiring to feel more at peace and open with your sex life, but feel alone in your experiences, and are you curious to know more about what sex is really like for other womxn?

Come have the safe space to share openly, be heard, and listen to others experiences about sexuality in a safe, objective environment that will leave you feel more connected and understood from friendly setting a community of womxn. 

Please note: While a coach will be present who has training in trauma, this is neither a group therapy session nor will it be under the care of a licensed therapist.