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Witch Camp: Intro to Reading Tarot

Maybe you're a regular attendee at our Witchy Eve's, maybe you are a DIY Bruja, or maybe you've never tapped into your witchy side! Wherever you are - we're excited to make some magic with you at Witch Camp: Intro to Reading Tarot!

Join The Broad and our Coven leaders, Michelle Mercurio and Cora Kessler, for a morning of in-depth tarot training. Whether you've never picked up cards before or dabble in your own readings - this is the workshop for you to learn the details behind the decks and learn about how to include tarot in a mindfulness practice. This *beginner* level workshop will allow for reflective time, insight from the cards and company, and for tools for your fiery future practice. Come join us to set intentions for the new season and use tarot to clarify them! And bring your mom (for Mother's Day).

Expect time for intention setting and reflection, intro to the tarot deck and its components, traditional spreads, and plenty of time to practice reading for yourself and for others.

This 3-hour class is limited to 16 witches-in-training and is $30 for Broads (use code) and $60 for guests. Witches' Brews (coffee, teas, seltzers) will be provided but lunch is not included.