Who is a Broad?

Our 200+ Broads are PR mavens and branding gurus, real estate wizards and real-life witches, trusted lawyers and creative coaches, interior consultants and intersectional yogis, mommas and matriarchs, jewelry makers and apparel geniuses, illustrious illustrators and publishers-in-the-making, silver foxes and millennials, professional chefs and personable personal stylists  - and that's just to name a few. If you support our mission of making space for women, then you’ll fit right in.


What is the best way to meet other Broads?

We always tell our members that the more you put into your membership, the more you get out of it! We have 200+ Broads that are eager to meet, learn and grow with each other (and we promise none of them bite!). Come to our workshops and panels, communicate via Slack, and just say hi! There is room for all womxn at our table.


Do you have any local connections to help get my start up off the ground?

Each Friday we have office hours with our in-house lawyer, CPA and financial planner that are happy to answer questions from our members. We keep a tight knit community, so there tends to be natural networking among Broads without that awkward career fair feeling. Also, keep an eye out for the events that fit your needs, like our Making Money Moves roundtable, or our Business Basics Bootcamp.


What is included?

Our kitchen is always full of health warrior bars, tea, seltzer, and a custom brew from Lamplighter just for Broads, and our powder room is stocked with high quality toiletries for all of your needs (are you as over cardboard tampons as we are?)!


Can I host events at The Broad?

Yes, of course! The C-Suite and Breather room are available for free reservations for members while the entire space and Boardroom are available for rent with special member pricing. Many Broads have used our space for showers, receptions, and other parties (and boys can be invited to these). We offer a few catering options, so just ask! The space is also open to the public to rent, so tell your friends! Plus, the natural lighting is fabulous, so your pictures will look great!  If you’re feeling inspired but not completely sure what to do, contact me and we can discuss ideas!


How do I reserve a room?

It’s easy! Check out the schedule then follow the instructions on the page.


Is there a printer available?

We do have a printer available for all Broads - no extra costs! We can print in black & white as well as make copies and scan documents. Sorry, no fax and no scan-to-email available.


What is the phone policy during the workday?

There are designated areas for those who need to take a call (i.e. the Breather Room, the Work Nooks or the C-Suite). However, please be respectful of the common space and the open floor plan. The Broad is is not the best daily co-working fit for those who are on calls regularly throughout the work day.


Do you offer dedicated desks or private office space?

We do not have private working space for members. However, if you need a space for the day, you are welcome to reserve the private Boardroom or Breather Rooms or the semi-private C-Suite.


When are your yoga classes? Do I have to sign up?

We have two all-levels yoga classes on site each week - Tuesday mornings 8:30-9:15AM with Ellie Burke and Wednesday evenings 6:30-7:30PM with Amber Karnes. These are included for all members with no need to sign up, just bring your own mat and get ready to flow!


OKAY, I'M INTERESTED...What is included in A membership at The Broad?

For $75 a month, our 200+ Broads enjoy evening and weekend access to our space; the previously mentioned office hours; weekly yoga and offsite fitness classes; and special events each month ranging from educational panels, hands on workshops, social events, and more. And oh, we can’t forget to mention discounts with local businesses like Charm School, Perly’s, and Sugar & Twine! Broads who need a 9-5 workspace or just want to pop in for a lunch break or a coffee fill up can upgrade to an all access membership for $150 a month. Full details can be found on our membership page!


While our regular social membership doesn't include co-working access during the day, M-F daytime co-working is available as an upgrade or through individual day passes ($15/Broads // $20/non-members). Also, hands on workshops may have instructor or materials fees, but you'll know ahead of time and we promise they are worth it!


What is my membership commitment?

Three months initially - we are building a community, not a workspace! You can join anytime during the month and your first bill will be prorated (+ initiation), then membership dues will billed on the first of the month.


Is there an application process?

Nope! Join here and come hang out.


How do I add or remove the upgrade?

Easy as Proper Pie! Just let us know at least 5 days before the end of the month so we can make the changes to your billing contract.


I travel a lot. Are membership options flexible to that?

We keep membership throughout in order to keep community and continue programming for the larger membership, and therefore do not offer travel holds. For Broads experiencing periods of financial hardship, we do offer a limited membership in the interim. Please reach out to the team for more information.


Are guests welcome?

Guests are always welcome at The Broad! No need to preregister them but please don't forget to have them sign in upon arrival. Guests staying longer than two hours are asked to purchase a day pass. If you anticipate bringing 4 or more guests at one time, please let us know. We ask that you respect the "for women" mission of the 3rd floor during all operating hours, but male guests are welcome in the 2nd floor Boardroom subject to room availability. On First Fridays, The Broad is open to the public - even menfolk - until 9PM.


If I am not a Broad, can I attend an event?

Certain events are open to the public, many with a small fee or a recommended donation. The calendar will note if an event is open to the public and what the cost may be.


What are the hours?

We are open 9AM-9PM Monday-Thursday, 9AM-6PM Friday, and 10AM-6PM Saturday unless otherwise notified. For members without any add ons, the social hours are from 5-9PM Monday-Thursday, 3-6PM Friday and 10AM-6PM Saturday. On First Fridays, The Broad stays opens later. There are also two designated days per month for co-working for all Broads!


Are there public transportation options?

The GRTC Pulse has a bus stop right near The Broad called the Arts District.


Where’s the best place to park?

If you aren't riding the bus, walking, biking, or being dropped off - the easiest place to park is on the street. We suggest Foushee or Grace Street for free two-hour parking. There are also several surface lots surrounding our block with parking ranging from $3-5 for the day. Lastly, if you are a member of the YMCA, you can use their lot! As for bikes, please follow all city rules and make sure to lock it up!


I’d like to teach a class or give a talk at The Broad. Who should I talk to?

Contact Ali Greenberg at to arrange an event.


Do I have to RSVP for an event?

Some events require an RSVP. See the information for each event on the Happenings Calendar.


Can I use the elevator?

The elevator can be used for any of those who are disabled and cannot manage the stairs. Additionally, if there is an event (i.e. a shower) and you need it to lug stuff up, you’re more than welcome. However, we share the elevator with the business below us, so we want to respect their space and limit usage!


Can I purchase the art on the wall?

Visit our gallery page to find the information regarding Michaeline Sander and curation.